Posta Undergoes Transformation to Improve Services

October 11, 2023

Posta Kenya is in the process of transforming its outlets into comprehensive communications solutions hubs, with the aim of offering a spectrum of services that will make it an ideal partner across the globe.

The Post Master General and Chief Executive Officer of the Postal Corporation of Kenya, Mr. John Tonui, singled out e-payment, e-governance, and e-commerce as among the innovative services Posta will provide.

Mr. Tonui announced that Posta Kenya is strategically establishing hubs and warehouses in all 47 counties that will be used to propel intercounty and cross-border trade by ensuring seamless service to customers.

“Posta is dedicated to redefining itself by embracing the Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) platform to deliver innovative services. Our aim is to become the ideal logistics partner, not just across Kenya but on a global scale,” he stated.

He said the institution was re-inventing itself using the ICT platform to create very attractive innovative services, and its collaboration with both the government and private sector in the e-commerce and ICT sectors will make Posta Kenya the ideal logistics partner across the country and worldwide.

The Post Master General made the remarks during the commemoration of the 148th World Post Day, themed “Together for Trust: Collaborating for a Safe and Connected Future,” which was held at a Nairobi hotel.

The event, which is observed annually on October 9th, was instituted by the 1969 Universal Postal Congress in Tokyo to commemorate the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) creation in 1874.

The purpose of the event is to remind people of the vital role that postal services play in their daily lives and their profound contributions to global social and economic development.

Mr. Tonui said the celebration resonates deeply with the evolving landscape of the postal sector and underscores the indispensable role that the Posta plays in establishing a secure and connected network for local communities while emphasising the trust that citizens have bestowed upon the institution over many years.

Tonui, who commended the government for its commitment to ensuring that the postal and courier sectors provide citizens’ right of access to affordable postal services, said plans are at an advanced stage for the corporation to adopt and implement the National Addressing System.

“The corporation is visualising a future where it will be at the forefront of facilitating e-commerce and ICT services, partnering seamlessly with both the government and the private sector,” he added.

He at the same time commended Miss Claire Gakii of Lions Junior Secondary School in Embu for emerging as the global winner of the 2023 Universal Postal Union International Letter Writing Competition, where competitors were required to write a letter to someone explaining which superpowers they would need to achieve their mission.

Ms. Gakii was feted last week by the Universal Postal Union, Director General, during the UPU Extraordinary Congress in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for her essay titled ‘Imagine you are a superhero, and your mission is to make all roads around the world safer for children’.

“This is the first time that Kenya has won this coveted competition since its inception 52 years ago. We are very proud of her,” remarked Tonui.

He assured that the corporation remains committed to its obligation of promoting the art of letter writing amongst the youth.

The Post Master General also assured customers and members of the public of the corporation’s capabilities to provide them with last-mile delivery solutions for individuals, corporations, and government agencies.

“With our extensive network of over 600 branches across the country, coupled with our expertise in last-mile delivery, we stand as the ideal partner for courier and logistics services,” said Tonui.

He said the corporation has made significant investments in cutting-edge technology and a modern fleet to support its postal and courier services.

He said that in Africa, early innovations and the widespread adoption of mobile payments have positioned the continent as a trailblazer in e-commerce, mentioning the market projections which indicate that the African e-commerce market is set to double in size to approximately $75 billion by 2025.

In the developing world, and particularly in Africa, postal services operate within a dynamic and ever-changing communications sector, where factors such as liberalisation, heightened competition, technological advancements, and evolving regulatory environments have reshaped the sector.

Speaking at the event, the Ag. Director General of the Communications Authority of Kenya, Mr. Christopher Wambua, said the Communication Authority is developing regulations that will deal with misuse of the internet.

“We are also partnering with relevant agencies to develop an e-commerce strategy that will boost the country’s e-commerce and provide an enabling tool and environment for both citizens and those in business,” he said.

-Via KNA News

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