Pascal Tokodi Has No Excuse For Not Creating New Music: “I’ll Sing Eventually”

October 4, 2023

Renowned actor and musician Pascal Tokodi has addressed his absence from the music industry for over two years.

Pascal was a formidable presence in the music scene, showcasing both his adept songwriting skills and vocal abilities. He and King Kaka had formed an impressive duo, consistently releasing captivating collaborations one after another.

They had even teased the prospect of an album. However, this changed when Pascal suddenly vanished from the music scene.

In an interview with Mpasho, Pascal explained that there wasn’t any significant reason behind his music hiatus. He simply acknowledged that, at some point, he lost the motivation to create music.

“There is no excuse or anything really…there is no excuse for it I just lost the drive for that side. I don’t know,” he said.

The actor added that although he still harbors hopes of finding his way back into the music industry, he is uncertain if it is a path he wants to pursue.

“I hope I’ll get it back hopefully… if I don’t I’ll just say it is okay though. Acting took a forefront, it took more time from me,” he said.

“Again, there is no excuse because even back then I still used to act and sing at the same time and me being a new dad isn’t a reason either because I have written songs for AJ (daughter).”

Pascal reassured his music fans, urging them to find solace in the fact that he hadn’t entirely vanished from the screens.

“At least I’m still acting like I haven’t completely disappeared. You are not missing me, but I will sing… I’ll sing eventually,” said Tokodi.

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