Wheelbarrow Haibambi?! President Ruto Rides a Tricycle at State House (PHOTOS)

October 3, 2023

It appears President William Ruto may have found a better alternative to his now-famous wheelbarrow movement.

Dr Ruto assumed the presidency on the back of a sensational ‘Bottom-Up’ campaign that featured a wheelbarrow as the symbol of the ‘Hustler Movement’ and the United Democratic Alliance(UDA) party.

The then-deputy President even claimed that he would use a wheelbarrow to transport his main rival, Raila Odinga, back to his hometown.

“Does the old man of riddles look like someone who is fit enough to lead this country? The only thing remaining is for us to put him on a wheelbarrow and send him express to Bondo,” Ruto said at the height of the campaigns early last year.

Fast forward to now and Ruto appears to have found a faster mode of transport to send Raila to Bondo.

Anyway, my lame jokes aside, President Ruto on Monday, October 2 unveiled a specialized tricycle with portable stalls for small-scale traders who often use wheelbarrows.

The President said the portable stalls will allow small traders to adapt to changing market locations while providing them with dignified working conditions.

“The adoption of portable stalls offers Kenyans a rare chance to exploit their huge entrepreneurial potential in decent, secure and dignified conditions.

“It presents flexibility that will enable small traders to adapt to changing market locations and business necessities, hence increasing job opportunities and earnings,” he said.

President Ruto unveiled the portable stall tricycle following a consultative meeting with stakeholders from the Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development at State House, Nairobi.

The president made sure to test the specialized bike with a ride around the State House, and below are the photos. Hii sasa ndio inabamba!

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