Willis Raburu Encourages his 10 Over 10 Replacements, Azeezah and Gudah man

October 4, 2023

Citizen TV has formally introduced Aziza Hashim, widely recognized as Azeezah, and Guddah Man as the successors to Willis Raburu on the “10 over 10” show.

In an announcement on Tuesday, the Royal Media-owned TV station said Azeezah and Guddah Man will officially commence their roles as hosts of the entertainment show starting this Friday.

“It’s new, It’s fresh with mad energy. Mambo ni vulaaaaiiiii on 10 over 10 this Friday with Azeezah and Gudah man,” Citizen TV said.

Azeezah also shared her excitement on social media, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to host the show. She described it as a dream come true for her.

“I still can’t believe I’ll be hosting the biggest entertainment show in the 254. Enyewe God is great. This and every other Friday on Citizen TV Kenya, the baddest TV duo will be on your screens. Your Fridays are never gonna be the same again. Gear ni 5,”  Azeezah wrote.

Gudah Man on his part said: “The Wait Is Finally Over! Meet #10over10 Hosts on @citizentvkenyaMediah Messiah @azeezah_h and Mega Hype Man”

Willis Raburu extended his congratulations to the two and encouraged them to shine on.

“Absolutely amazing. Congratulations to Azeezah and Gudah man, the only way is up. You all got this! Shine on, the world is your stage,” Raburu said.

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