Akothee: “My Next Wedding will be Bigger than the Previous One…”

October 11, 2023

Akothee has finally addressed the ongoing speculation regarding her marriage to Swiss husband Denis Schweizer, popularly known as Omosh.

Through a Facebook Live session, Akothee also dispelled misconceptions about Omosh and his nationality.

“People are saying Omosh is coming from Pakistan. He is a Swiss, and his brothers live in Pakistan. Some of you don’t even have passports or even Huduma numbers to start hating,” she fired.

Akothee seized the opportunity to offer life advice, particularly directed at women. She urged them to prioritize self-respect by choosing a committed relationship and underscored the significance of self-worth and dignity.

“Ladies have lost it. Some of you don’t have a life. You take it as an offense that I am living large, but I’m not living my life to be your role model. As a woman, where is your dignity? Some of these women have so many men, and they are even afraid of announcing it is the end,” Akothee said.

“Even if this wedding ends, I will still do another wedding. I am the one who can dump me. Who dares leave a rich and independent woman like Akothee? Stop scrutinizing things I have not said.” The celebrity singer/entrepreneur added.

Addressing speculation that Omosh might have dumped him, Akothee hit back saying:

“Even if I was dumped, what is the issue? In every relationship, there is dumping, and now you are saying, so? How many have dumped you? Stop being a narcissist here. I cannot take care of your insecurities. Where were you taken for which honeymoon? I bought my gown and paid for the ticket. You are still waiting for people to contribute to your wedding. To me, a wedding is like a celebration like any other party.”

Akothee added: “My other wedding will be bigger than the previous one.”


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