Maureen Waititu Talks Co-parenting with Frankie: ‘We are getting there’

September 1, 2023

Maureen Waititu says she is finally able to co-parent with her former partner Frankie Just GymIt even though it has been for a relatively short duration of their co-parenting journey.

The mother of two said she is proud that they are progressing well given their bitter separation about five years ago.

“I can say that I am proud to say that I am able to do it, maybe not for a long amount of time but we are getting there,” she told Mpasho.

When asked how she manages to get along with Frankie given their painful history, Maureen explained that she has healed.

“It’s about healing actually, when you have healed and everything is behind you, You tend to do the right thing. It’s easier now coz the babies can see both their parents which is my greatest dream. Whatever is ahead we will figure it out,” she said.

Maureen went on to share some words of advice to young women looking to start a family.

“First things first if you can be able to avoid being a young mom and I am talking to young girls who are not gotten to their full potential, don’t rush to be a mom. But if it happens to you with anybody whether you are a dad or a mom, know that it takes two to make that baby but it can take one or none to raise. That is very possible, so put your expectations right.”

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