Akothee, Jaguar trade jabs over who is richer

May 17, 2023

An unlikely celebrity beef has been brewing pitting musician-turned-politician Charles Njagua Kanyi alias Jaguar against singer Akothee.

It all started from a purported Forbes list of the richest musicians in East Africa that placed Jaguar in 7th place and Akothee in 4th.

While the authenticity of the list could not be verified, it was enough to cause ripples in the Kenyan music scene.

Jaguar took issue with it saying he would quit music if it were true that Akothee was richer than him.

“If you look at the list I have been in the industry for more than 15 years. But I swear if Akothee and Harmonize are wealthier than me, I can quit music. They pick things they see like Range Rovers. I have done a lot of things, I am not bragging,” Jaguar said in a YouTube interview.

Akothee was of course going to respond, and she did not mince her words as she called out Jaguar for comparing himself with a woman.

In response, Akothee took to Instagram to express her thoughts on the matter. She began by questioning why men feel the need to compete and compare themselves to women

“Ati nani amesema He is Richer than THE MADAMBOSS. Since when did men forget themselves and start competing & comparing themselves with WOMEN?” she posed.

Akothee went on to insinuate that Jaguar’s outlandish lifestyle is funded by the Kenyan taxpayer.

“Let me not hear any politician bragging with taxpayers’ money ati ‘Riches’ Riches kitu gani. Those business flight tickets, Choppers are paid by the government not your personal money, while people’s children can’t even afford school fees,” she wrote.

“All this charity you people do online is for PR. Always waiting for something trending to hope on so you can hit headlines because the rest of the days you are irrelevant,” the businesswoman added.

Akothee was not done there! She blasted: “Any man comparing himself with women has an identity crisis. Nitawatandika mnikome.”

“Again, anyone with less than 3.5 m followers should not mention my name, you are clout chasing. I am not in your league. I think in the Kenyan Entertainment industry only Eric Omondi should mention my name.”

Akothee’s rant then prompted Jaguar to hi back, albeit underwhelmingly. The former Starehe MP turned Youth Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary quoted the now infamous phrase by cult leader Pastor Paul Mackenzie.

“Unachokipigania hukijui, kitakuramba A**thee….,” he wrote on Instagram.

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