Comedian KK Mwenyewe Says No Hard Feelings After DP Gachagua Snub

March 9, 2023

Content creator KK Mwenyewe (born Zachariah Kariuki) says he is still hopeful of meeting Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

KK Mwenyewe shot to internet fame last year thanks to his impressions of the Deputy President.

The comedian looked to have caught Gachagua’s attention when the DP acknowledged his internet nickname, Riggy G.

In one of his public speeches, Gachagua said he would look for KK Mwenyewe and the brains behind his nickname and reward them for their “creativity”.

In September, the DP’s promise came true for Ivy Chelim, who landed a job in Gachagua’s communication team for coining the nickname ‘Riggy G’.

However, KK Mwenyewe was not as lucky, with some commentators lamenting that it was a case of the boychild being neglected.

Six months later, KK Mwenyewe has spoken saying he didn’t feel bad when DP Gachagua went for Chelimo instead of him.

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, the comedian accepted that it was not just his time.

“People have been expecting that I felt bad. I never felt bad. I assumed that it was her time and maybe mine is coming. You know many people are proposing that I should be given a job and I was wondering because I’m still in school. I think the DP thought of helping the lady first and then he will help me when the economy of Kenya has improved,” he reasoned.

KK however admitted that people’s phone calls make him feel bad sometimes, especially when they talk about Rigathi Gachagua.

He noted he has nothing against the DP and said he will never forget Riggy G’s promise.

KK Mwenyewe at the same time extended his gratitude to Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja for coming to his rescue after he appealed for financial assistance to clear his university fee arrears.

The third-year student at Kisii University studying Computer Science also thanked YouTuber Andrew Kibe for raising some money which he used to buy a camera.

“I want to thank you, Andrew Kibe, I’m doing well over here. I wouldn’t be this far if it were not for you. I bought a camera, a laptop, and shooting lights with the money that you contributed online. May God bless you,” said KK Mwenyewe.

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