Akothee Gushes Over ‘Mr Omosh’: ‘I Have No Reasons to Cheat’

March 29, 2023

Celebrity musician Akothee has assured her fiance, Mr Omosh, that she is a one-man woman that has no reason to cheat on him.

In an effusive post on her socials, Akothee poured her heart out to Omosh while also describing him as a lucky man for having her as his woman.

“If there is a lucky man that I know it’s you. We will argue on other things but for sure not cheating nor money issues. I have no reasons to cheat,I date one man at a time. When I fall in love, all men looks like my blood brothers,” she wrote.

Akothee went on to exalt Omosh for spoiling her and taking up his responsibilities as a man and making her feel like a teenager.
“I learnt how to make my own money, I don’t depend on a man to pay for my bills but that doesn’t stop you from taking up your responsibilities as A man. I am super proud and lucky that you are different,” the businesswoman wrote.
She added: @misteromosh understands the Role of A husband. You outdo yourself and make me feel like a teenager, you make my head smaller, you made me feel how housewives feel, wee its sweat(sic) to be taken care of 🙈You ignore my two shillings and step up like A man.”
Akothee mentioned that she gets goosebumps when Omosh pays the bills. She also claimed that Omosh took charge of her household, demoting her to the role of a loving housewife.
“It’s new to me 🙈, I know how we always pull both cards at the same time 🤣🤣🤣 I am paying,I am paying 🤣🤣 .how you took control of the homes and employees 🙄 sasa mimi ni bibi tuu,” she wrote.
The self-proclaimed President of Single Mothers also sounded out a warning that she cannot share her man.
“Again I don’t know how to share my Man if I have to share you I better allow you have what you choose. Ahh I always give away my old Toys 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I LOVE YOU MISTER OMONDI DENIS” Akothee concluded.


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