TikTok Star Alby Reveals Brands He Will Never Work With

March 29, 2023

TikTok content creator Mohammed Assad Alby, popularly known as King of Smiles, has revealed why he is particular about the brands he works with.

The 24-year-old has partnered with major corporate brands such as Nokia, Fanta, and Bic. He was also the brand ambassador for Two Rivers Mall last year.

Alby has however had to turn down big-money endorsement deals with brands that don’t align with his faith, beliefs and values.

The TikTok star says he refuses to work with companies that promote alcohol, betting, or condom use.

“Firstly, brands I will never work with are those that deal or promote alcohol or betting. I am a Muslim and these are haram. I will also not work with brands that are very taboo, those that don’t reflect what I represent like condom brands,” he told the Nation.

Alby said he prefers to work with corporates that align with his own brand of spreading positivity.

“I would rather work with brands that encourage youth to invest and those that are about impacting the society with positive vibes because that is what you get when you interact with my content,” he said.

Adding: “Other than that, it’s the sociological impact. I don’t want to influence people to go into betting. I would rather work with brands that are aligned to positivity.”

The content creator reportedly mentioned that he earns good money as a social media influencer, and would only consider working a nine-to-five that pays nothing less than Sh700,000 per month.

“Unless the 9 am-5 pm job pays me Sh700,000 and above,” he said.

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