‘Nairobi Diaries’ Actor Pendo Says She’s Now Reformed

March 29, 2023

Former Nairobi Diaries actress and singer Pendo says she learned some hard lessons and is now a reformed woman.

Speaking in an interview with radio presenter Oga Obinna, Pendo admitted that some of her life choices had cost her a lot.

The singer said it has been frustrating trying to change people’s perceptions of her, often leading to lost career opportunities.

“I have been learning a lot, to do things under the waters. It’s tricky. It puts me in a tricky position because I try to get something done, and when I go by myself it’s hard. It just comes up with scandals and that’s not me, it’s frustrating,” she said.

Pendo explained that her role on the reality TV show was to be a rowdy, hostile cast member, something she regrets.

“This time I know better.” She said.

Pend also disclosed that she was directed to date cast member Luwi to boost numbers for the show.

“Now let’s put it on the table and I was doing what I had to do. I was selling Pendo and I was selling Luwi, according to the show we dated, we dated according to the show,” she said.

Pendo lamented that people still perceive her as a rowdy person no matter how much she tries to prove she is a changed person.

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