Akothee Cautions Against Gossiping About Your Spouse to Employees

March 21, 2023

The self-proclaimed President of Single mothers, Akothee, has dished out more of her trademark nuggets of wisdom, this time touching on the delicate relationship between business people and their employees.

Taking to social media Monday, the celebrity businesswoman cautioned fellow business owners against giving their employees power over their spouses.

“As a family, couple, Never ever give employees powers over your spouse. Employees are temporary helpers who can be replaced without strings attached not your wife nor your husband,” she wrote.

Akothee noted that gossiping about one’s spouse to employees is one way of taking their power away.

“Gossiping about your spouse negatively with your employees gives them powers to devalue not only you but also your wife,”  she said.

Akothee also opined that employees should only take instructions from one person at a time.

“They(employees) are equally human beings, you can’t all manipulate them like robots, mzee alisema hivi, mama akafanya hivi,” she said.

The singer and philanthropic also warned that employees can easily ruin people’s marriages.

“Employees have ruined good marriages and broken families and still walked away with NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Have an organised way of communication Stop sending signals.” Akothee concluded.

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