Don’t Blame Me, Blame Your Mother: Akothee Blasts Cyberbully

November 24, 2022

Celebrity musician Akothee pulled no punches as she responded to a follower who apparently insulted her.

Without revealing what exactly the netizen said to her, Akothee posted a long social media post accompanied by a picture of the troll.

Judging from the post that Akothee has since deleted, the cyberbully must have said something about Akothee’s many relationships.

Good afternoon daughter, I hope you are well. I could call you my daughter since you look like 18 to 22. Allow me to ask you to leave this page and follow my daughter who is your agemate. This page is for fully grown women and not babies like you, you won’t understand a thing! 
“It has never been my plan to dump one relationship for another, it was never my plan to raise children in broken families. Life served me lemon I made lemonade out of it, and right now, I am just drinking my lemon tea and I am very fine with it. You are young, beautiful, and ambitious from your beautiful eyes, what I don’t understand is the bitterness in you,” Akothee wrote.

The mother of five went on to point out that the girl lacked proper parenting. Akthee blamed the girl’s mother for raising a daughter who insults people on the internet.

“…from the look of the panorama behind you and that carpet down there I can for sure tell, your rent is less than 5k if at all that is your house and not your aunties or boyfriend’s house, because for sure I don’t think you have a mother, and if she is alive, I blame her for zero parenting. You won’t find my children throwing insults to people they have never met, you don’t find them all over celebrities walls hauling insults, listen you are not poor, your have a poor mentality,” Akothee blasted.

She warned the young girl that life has a way of humbling people.

“You don’t know how many beds you will have to warm before you settle not even on the right one, but from trying to drug the Mr wrong to the right, kuwa mpole. Leave social media and look for a job. Things on this page will take you 40 years to achieve, success is a gradual process not for the faint hearted. Save this post and read it again 10 years from now, don’t blame me, blame your mother,” Akothee said.

“I used to laugh at my aunties when they said they were 40 years old, I thought they were very old, now I am 41, I went and said sorry to them. Chunga!”


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