Why We Pray Before and After Sex – Gospel Couple Hiram, Grace Mwai

November 24, 2022

Popular gospel YouTubers Hiram Kamuhunjia and his singer wife Grace Mwai have set tongues wagging after disclosing that they pray before and after coitus.

Speaking on their YouTube channel, Hiram and Grace said they pray because intimacy is sacred.

“What most people don’t know is that intimacy is spiritual. So when you engage in that game, we always pray. You might get into the game without preparation and find yourself losing the ball. So my question is do you pray?”

“We understand if you don’t pray because in this age and era, the thought of praying before might not always come through and it is okay,” said Grace.

Hiram encouraged couples to turn to prayer, especially when there is no spark in the bedroom.

“The point is some people experience low and high states of intimacy and that is why I say it is spiritual. That is when you should pray. When the lows come, keep the prayers consistent. More manifestation, more power, more energy,” he said.

Grace added: “It can’t be any different since we are Christians. You have to find time for each other. That is the greatest highlight of marriage. And so you have to commit yourself. We are very intentional about it.”

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