Lillian Muli: People Judge Me as the Gold-digger Type But Everything I Have is Mine

October 5, 2022

Popular TV news anchor Lillian Muli has debunked the public perception that she depends on men to maintain her flashy lifestyle.

The Citizen TV news presenter was speaking about raising her two sons without a father figure.

I am raising my sons to be very confident men. I always tell them that I want you guys to be successful so that when I am an elderly woman, you can take care of me. So I want them to be confident, successful, and to be good men to their women,” she said.

Muli said she has had to work hard for everything she has to set a good example for her sons.

“You would be surprised because I have done a lot of reading to understand the men in this era. When you raise boys without their father figure being present then you have to be the type of woman that is very loving, hardworking, and decent in their eyes,” she added.

The media personality admitted she likes the finer things in life but that doesn’t mean there is a man bankrolling her.

“People judge me as the golddigger type, but I just like looking good. If I have nice things they’re mine, if I have a nice car, it’s mine. I come as I am, but I don’t get why as a woman when you have nice things someone has to be behind that,” Muli wondered.

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