Kanze Dena Bids State House Goodbye in Heartfelt Message to Uhuru, Family

October 18, 2022

Kanze Dena has officially signed out as State House Spokesperson with a heartfelt post on social media commemorating her five-year tenure under former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kanze accompanied her post titled ‘The Completion of a Season’ with a slideshow video showing photos of some of her cherished moments while working at the president’s office.

The former Citizen TV journalist began by expressing her gratitude to retired President Kenyatta.

THE COMPLETION OF A SEASON….Let me take this opportunity to thank; His Excellency the retired President Uhuru Kenyatta for the opportunity to serve in His administration…Many  Valuable lessons I take with me,” Kanze penned.

She continued: “PSCU team… the season would not have been successful without your support. I will always treasure you…Colleagues at State House…ministries…parastatals…stakeholders etc…nyooooteee asanteni.”

Kanze also reserved some gratitude for her family and friends

“My family and friends Asante for cheering me on and understanding when I had to disappoint…coz duty called… I thank you also for holding me in prayer…  oh and the fun and laughter and for being protective. UNCONDITIONAL…..how would I have done this without you ladies!!! …sasa roadtrips  zianzèe…na wapenda. 

“My parents… Harry and Jane though you watched this season from a far…you played very great roles.. your values…etched in me,” wrote Dena.

The former PSCU boss also mentioned her husband Nick Mararo, thanking him for holding down the fort at home.

“A special thank you to my husband Mr. Mararo… wa! Thank you!  For the tremendous support…the constant pressure to want more..for being Mum and Dad most of the time 🤭 Sina words La Azizi…” she wrote.

Last but not least, Kanze thanked God for seeing her through her State House season.

“Mwisho Nimshukuru Muumba wangu… Many times I Iook back and I don’t know how I did it. But one thing I know Jehova you took it over…and for sure that is how I made it through… ndio maana ninatambua kwamba wewe ni EBENEZER…Mimi na wewe BABA MUNGU SAKO KWA BAKO,” she wrote.

Kanze finally hinted: “NEW SEASON LOADING…..”


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