Celebrity musician Akothee(born Esther Akoth) was tuned in as Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage Cabinet Secretary nominee Peninah Malonza on Wednesday appeared before the MPs committee for vetting.

Ms Malonzo appeared to struggle during the vetting process, with some netizens pointing out that she was not conversant with the issues affecting the tourism industry.

As a result, Akothee offered her services as a consultant once the vetting process is complete.

As a stakeholder in the Tourism sector, the Akothee Safaris founder said she could help answer 90 percent of the vetting questions about reviving the tourism sector.

“Good morning Kenya, I watched the Vetting processes and especially with the Tourism sector, And I can assure you, I could help answer 90% of the questions asked regarding reviving of the TOURISM SECTOR. I have been in tourism industry since 2009, and I can tell you that we are losing tourists and investors to various destinations, including our neighbouring countries,” Akothee noted.

According to the businesswoman, a complete overhaul of the tourism sector is needed.

“As A frequent traveler, both international and domestic, I can attest to you that The Kenyan tourism sector needs a complete overhaul before we even talk of marketing Kenya as a holiday destination. and making Kenya’s Tourism sector Great Again 💪

“Kenya should be the number one tourist destination in the world, because of the many natural resources available for us. Therefore, we need to repackage and present Kenya to the world 🌎” she added.

Akothee said she has a proposal that she is willing to present to the Tourism ministry.

“Once The government is done with the vetting and the offices are settled Invite ESTHER AKOTH KOKEYO for a presentation, (Ignore Akothee and her many things ) concentrate on BRAIN ESTHER AKOTH KOKEYO. I have a proposal on how we can make Kenya’s Tourism Great Again. A lot of English and papers will not save the economy, Invite me as a consultant and see a great change.

“We can’t change the narrative from our office desks, we can’t tell the same joke every election year & expect people to laugh We need ACTION. This area touched my heart and affects my financial status directly. I am a direct beneficiary of tourism, this is my bread and butter, its tourism that has made Akothee Great, All my investments are a result of a humble beginning as A taxi driver to a tour guide  to opening an Agency. Through tourism I have managed to create employment and educate my children. Let’s work on this,” she wrote.



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