See The Racy Zari PHOTOS Behind Contract Termination With Resort

October 21, 2022

Instagram personality Zari Hassan has furiously called out Divine Resort and Spa for publishing her photos without her consent.

Through her management, the South Africa-based Ugandan-born businesswoman accused the establishment of violating their marketing contract.

Zari and her loverboy Shakib Cham had a photoshoot at the resort’s swimming pool for marketing purposes on the condition that she had to approve the photos before Divine Resort published them.

But the photographer had other ideas and shared the images, causing quite a stir online.

And it is obvious to see why Zari was fuming as some of the photos are lewd and uncharacteristic of the mother of five.

“Apparently the socials have been busy with some pictures of me and my boyfriend on a vacation. Some of them are beautiful, some of them are a little bit PG 18. There was an agreement between myself and the resort Spa I was visiting and there was an MOU in place,” Zari said.

Things just went the wrong way. Some of the photos were not supposed to be posted. Professionally as a photographer, if you’ve been hired to take photos, those photos are not your photos they belong to the clients who hired and paid you. The job is to take the pictures and give them to the clients, “ she added.

Zari noted the photographer apologised but the damage had already been done.

“I’m always decent how I dress and how I carry myself. You think at this point I need people to pay me attention. I’m a big star I don’t need to do things for clout. I’m beautiful, I’m rich, I don’t need to do things for clout,” Zari continued.

Zari effectively terminated her contract with the resort and directed the hotel to delete all photos failure to which she will take legal action and seek compensation.

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