Zari Hassan says the haters who said her romance with her new lover was doomed to fail should demand refunds from their witch doctors.

The South Africa-based Ugandan businesswoman was speaking in a lovey-dovey video with her 30-year-old loverboy Shakib Cham Lutaaya.

Speaking in local Ugandan dialect, Zari disclosed that Lutaaya had asked to meet her father. Apparently, he wants to make an honest woman out of the mother of five.

“Shakib told me yesterday that he wants to meet with my father. He wants to ask for my hand in marriage.

“To those who said our relationship will end in premium tears, go back to your witch doctors and ask for your monies back. The witchcraft did not work,” Zari said.

In another video, the businesswoman gushed over Lutaaya for giving her peace of mind.

“I’m starting to grow big. I see the cheeks. I have given myself a lot of peace. Mr Lutaaya you’re giving me a lot of peace, because, people, let me tell you about peace of mind, let me tell you about peace of mind, that one, no matter what you do, you grow big, even when you are not eating.

“Mr Lutaaya whatever you are doing, add more. Add me another dose, whatever you are doing because they are working, they are working. Even those bewitching are frustrated, they need a refund. I still have my peace, go and ask for a refund.”