Juliani Denies Snatching Lillian Ng’ang’a From Alfred Mutua

September 29, 2022

Nairobi-based rapper Juliani has revealed the genesis of his love story with Lillian Ng’ang’a.

Speaking on Hot 96 radio on Wednesday, Juliani said contrary to speculation by a section of Kenyans on social media, he did not snatch his wife from her former lover, Alfred Mutua.

Huwezi slice jamaa mtu wake. Haihappen hivyo. Watu wanapenda those kind of allegations so wanapush towards a certain angle more than what it is but haikuwa hivyo…,” the rapper said.

Juliani disclosed that he randomly bumped into Lillian at a mutual friend’s event and they established a spiritual connection.

He said he was unaware that Lillian had parted ways with the former Machakos Governor.

Mimi nimepatana na yeye last year randomly. Tukaanza kubonga story ya consciousness…” he said adding that they maintained contact in the following days.

Ndio baadaye akaniambia by the way hivi ndio kuko, mimi siko hapa. Mi nikasema sikuwa najua nilikuwa nadhani sisi ni mabeshte…”

Juliani mentioned that he wasn’t even searching for a romantic partner at the time as he was focussing on himself and his spirituality.

Nilikuwa celibate hiyo time ata sitaki story ya manzi ju nilikuwa space poa sana but vitu zikatake tu shape yake venye inafaa but wasee walitry kuipush into something that it was not which was sad….” he said.

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