Chiki Kuruka Responds to ‘When are you giving birth?’

September 20, 2022

Dancer extraordinaire Chiki Kuruka has become the latest unfortunate victim of undue pressure to have children.

Chiki, who has been married to Sauti Sol singer Bien Aime Baraza since 2020, said it’s unfortunate that people constantly ask her to get a child.

“I think we need to be really careful about putting undue pressure on women to have children,” she said.

Adding: “There are so many women who are unable to give birth, and that’s such a trigger.”

Chiki asked people to be considerate about asking women to bear children.

“If you happen to be one of those people unable to give birth and constantly on your feed, ‘When are you giving birth…?’ I’m not saying that’s my particular status, but people need to be careful how they throw that out there,” she said.

Chiki also pointed out that it is women who are usually targeted with regard to childbearing.

“I can’t post a picture without someone saying, ‘When are you giving birth?’ I am yet to see that on Bien’s page,” she said.

It takes two human beings to have a baby, so the idea that that is women’s issue and the idea that it’s really up to the women, that’s nonsense.”

The dancer said she is not bothered by cyberbullies, and what matters most to her is a strong marriage foundation and a family that understands the couple.

“My in-laws are amazing and so it doesn’t bother me,” she said.

“When someone wants to have a child, they are gonna have a child. And it’s not gonna be because someone left a comment.”

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