When My Dad Left I Became a Useless Child: Abel Mutua Opens Up

August 3, 2022

Actor and Film Director Abel Mutua has opened up about how a lack of a father figure affected his life.

Speaking in a recent YouTube interview, Mutua said his father left him and his mother when he was still young.

The former Tahidi High actor said he was a troublesome and useless child, which he attributed to lacking a father figure.

“Me growing up I passed through some phases at some point my biological dad left us so a father figure is very important in a family.

“So when my dad left I became a useless child, I put my mum through so much, and looking back all that misbehaving was because I lacked a father figure,” he said.

As such, Mutua took valuable lessons from his father’s absence and vowed not to be like him.

“So I made the decision not to subject my kid to that coz for me God helped me to reform to get back. Right now I can’t get it wrong with my child it would hurt me a lot if I let my child go through what I went through,” he said.

Mutua said growing up without a father also affected his self-esteem.

“I will have to be there for this girl. I want to be among the first people who know whenever anything happens to her. Coz if I don’t have a relationship with her then I don’t know what she is doing out there. I don’t know who she is interacting with…it’s very dangerous…things start going south you are the last person to know which is very wrong,” he said.

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