The Real Reason Obinna Won’t Date Women in their 20s

August 3, 2022

Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna has declared his preference for older women over women in their 20s.

The comedian says younger women aren’t mature enough, which is risky as they are likely to be influenced by the men they date.

“I have said it a million and one times, I feel like young girls are still trying to find themselves. Then if they are there with you, you are going to define their lives which I’m not about that life,” Obinna said.

According to Obinna, women become a version of the men they date in their 20s.

“I do not want to define someone’s life, when they mirror me…. Okay this is what I mean, most girls how they end up in their 30s is the boyfriends they dated in their 20s.

“Whatever he was doing, if he was a drug addict hapo! If he was a drunkard, chain smoker and what have you ni hapo! If he was a religious church person, chances are high that is where she is going to lie,” Obinna argued animatedly.

The YouTuber further told his cohost Kamene Goro that older women are ready-made and younger women need double the work.

“I’m looking for maturity, I don’t want to start teaching you things. I want to make memories but now with a young person you have to teach them first, then start building. It is double work” Obinna remarked.

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