Stop Making People Role Models Because They are Wealthy, Anerlisa Shouts

August 31, 2022

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai says wealth and power do not necessarily make an individual a good role model.

In a social media post, the NERO Company founder noted that most people choose role models based on their net worth.

“A lot of people make others their role models from the money/power they have, but when asked ‘Beside the lifestyle and what you see on social media, why is this person your role model?’

“Most of them won’t have an answer beyond what they saw as an end product,” Anerlisa wrote.

Anerlisa advised fans to learn more about their roles models and their journeys to the top.

“For example, you should know how they started, the struggles and their break-through date. Not because you’ve seen them on a private jet, have expensive cars and all the luxury.

“For me, there are people who have all that but can never be my role models,” she stated.

Anerlisa further said her mother, Nakuru Senator-elect Tabitha Karanja, is a shining example of a proper role model.

“My mother, Tabitha Karanja, is a perfect example of a good role model. A girl from the village, and has fought her way up and is still fighting.

“So cut making people role models because of what they got,” Anerlisa said.

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