Bahati: Why I’m Still a Gospel Artiste

August 31, 2022

Musician Bahati(born Kevin Kioko) has vehemently denied being a secular artiste, insisting that he still considers himself a gospel singer.

In a recent radio interview, the former Mathare MP aspirant said he does not want to profit from gospel music. He said he would not describe himself as a secular artiste because he is not vulgar.

“I think for me I can still call myself a gospel artist but I sing gospel when I want to express myself to God, I don’t want to do gospel music as a business,” he said.

Bahati added that he is not a secular artiste because he sings about love.

“So I just do good love songs also because you know even in our weddings in church we need entertaining music. I cannot call myself a secular artist because secular is not me, I’m not vulgar, I’m not,” he stated.

Bahati mentioned that his covenant with God had not changed.

“I promised God that I will never leave him, and he knows. I have never left God, you know everything I have is from God,” he said.

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