Running Away is Expensive: How Jalang’o Employee Spent Stolen Loot

August 31, 2022

Eli Omundu, one of the two former employees of Jalang’o, has admitted to stealing cash from the Langata MP-elect.

Omundu blamed his actions on the devil, adding that his colleague Morrison Litiema stole Sh1 million and shared equally with him.

“Litiema was washing BMW and I was washing Discovery. Then he came to me and told me that he had found Sh1 million inside the car but I told him not to touch the boss’s money.

“In no time, I realised he had taken the money and had already walked out of the compound with it. I was terrified since we are always close. So I followed him because I was afraid I would get arrested if I stayed there alone,” he recounted.

“We did not plan to steal. The devil tempted us and we betrayed our boss. We ask for forgiveness. Litiema told me he took one million and for sure I saw that it was a million,” he told Mungai Eve.

Omundu said they returned part of the money and apologised to Jalang’o, who was not willing to talk to them.

“We returned the money. I personally called the boss and apologized for the mistake and told him that the devil had taken the hold of me. I thought calling him would be best but when I called him he did not pick up, and that’s when I called his wife who helped convince him to talk to me,” he said.

mundu said he returned Sh400,000, while most of the remaining Sh100,000 was spent in hiding.

“I had remained with Sh 400,000. Running away is expensive as I spent a lot of the Sh 100, 000 to lay low,” he said.

Omundu lamented that the incident has put a strain on his marriage.

“I don’t have even a coin left from the money we took, and that’s why I am struggling back at home. I have been farming and selling trees from my land until there’s no more left. Even my children are still at home as I can’t afford to take them to school. My wife heard about it and she could not believe it because she loved my boss,” Omundu said.

“My marriage is even in jeopardy and I am afraid my wife may decide to leave any time all because of the wrong I did.”

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