Khaligraph Jones Understands Why Gospel Artistes Won’t Collab With Him

August 24, 2022

3Khaligraph Jones has lamented that most gospel music acts are usually unwilling to collaborate with him.

Speaking on Radio Citizen’s Mseto East Africa show, the rapper said such gospel singers claim that they fear facing public backlash for working with a secular artiste.

Khali however said he understands why they are apprehensive. “I would like to work with gospel artistes but they are unwilling to do so. I have approached a number of gospel musicians…but I don’t blame them; they say that when they collabo with me, they feel as though they will be criticized.”

Khaligraph cited his smash gospel track, ‘Sifu Bwana’ with Nyashinski, saying he approached a couple of gospel stars who chickened out.

“…so I understand them, but I have attempted to engage with many of them, even while I was doing Sifu Bwana, there are some people who I used to talk to on the phone, and they kept telling me they are terrified of what others will say,” Khali said.

He added that some of the gospel singers showed interest in collaborating on ‘Sifu Bwana’ but they never got back to him.

“Someone told me, ‘I’ll call you in a few minutes, let me follow up.’ Someone says to you, “Bro, I want to be a part of this song, but I’m afraid of singing it with you because there will be backlash, people will start saying that I started singing with a secular artist.’ I understood them,” Khaligraph said.

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