Kamene Goro: I Was Cheated on Seven Times

August 26, 2022

Radio presenter Kamene Goro says she no longer tolerates a cheating partner after she was cheated on at least seven times by the same guy.

Speaking on her breakfast segment, ‘Baby Girl’, Kamene said she would forgive her former lover hoping he would change.

“I was a very forgiving person until I found myself being cheated on seven times and I don’t know the other times,” she said.

Adding: “Baby girl, forgiveness tuachie Mungu.”

According to Kamene, forgiving a cheating partner only makes things worse.

“Every time you forgive, you show this person that you accept this bad behaviour, they can do it again,” she said.

Kamene advised the fellow girl child to stop forgiving cheating spouses

“Those times are gone, baby girl. Kaa ngumu and people will know and respect your boundaries. It’s time to draw a line in the sand, baby girl.”

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