How Betty Kyallo Convinced Gloria Kyallo To Star in ‘Kyallo Kulture’

August 23, 2022

Gloria Kyallo, the youngest of the famous Kyallo Sisters, says she was initially opposed to the idea of appearing in their reality TV show, ‘Kyallo Kulture’.

Gloria said when her more famous big sister Betty Kyallo approached her with the idea, she initially turned it down.

“I had not even thought of the idea of cameras around me. I am a very private person and so when the idea came up, I was like ‘hell no. There is no way I will get my life out there’, ” she narrated.

Betty however sat her down and convinced her why Kyallo Kulture would benefit her.

“However, my sister told me how it could work as a platform for me and my career. I was and I am used to doing Instagram stories in front of my cameras but this was truly new to me.”

Gloria also mentioned that since Kyallo Kulture premiered in June, she has made a lot more friends.

“Before this, I had like two friends from my previous school as I am not a very social person. After the show, people I was acquainted with started talking to me and becoming my friends, which was scary as I constantly wondered if they would still be friends after the show ends,” she said.

The youngest Kyallo sibling also confessed she did not like the attention she was getting at first but she has since acclimatized to it.

“I didn’t really like the attention. There is a day I came across this group of girls talking about me and the show and I even overheard one say I am 19. I followed them and said…”hey, I am 21.” While in the limelight, you have to keep protecting yourself and the people you love as much as you have to keep smiling,” Gloria Kyallo asserted.

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