How Akothee Made a Fool Out of her Mother, “She Still Canes Me Till Now”

August 23, 2022

Celebrity musician Akothee says she made a fool out of her mother after she dropped out of school at 14 and eloped with her first husband and father of their three daughters, Jared Okello.

In an endearing tribute to her “nonsense” mother Monica Yunita Kokeyo, Akothee said she was a stubborn and rebellious child.

The businesswoman and philanthropist said she was all about the music and the dancing and would sneak out of the house to go clubbing.

I made a fool out of my mom, I made her a fool in Infront of her workmates, colleagues, and the community. I ran away from school with all my belongings, I went to get married at 14 🤣🤣 I was her Firstborn intelligent daughter ✌️I was a stubborn rebellious child. My schoolmates from Nyabisawa Girls can tell you, I loved dancing and I nicknamed myself Yondo sister🤣. In my village, I was number one to go dancing, there Was THUM OUTA  that could not allow me to sleep. I would escape even without eating 🤣🤣. I was just a music lover & a dancer, nothing more,” Akothee shared on social media.
The mother of five however noted that her Christian and her mother’s upbringing contributed to the values she now holds.
“…trust me, the fundamental of Christianity and ubringing my mom instilled in me, is what has kept me who I am. My mom is and was a no-nonsense mother, she still canes me until now. Mrs Kokeyo hapana tambua kitu. Can you imagine I still tremble introducing my new lover to her…yeye anatambua tu baba vesha ( mamani be oroma)” Akothee added.
The singer recalled that her mother even took her to several police stations in an attempt to get her back to school.
“My mom had soo much hope in me, I made her cry, humiliated her soo much, and disappointed her a lot. She took me to several police stations just to get me back to school. The first contraceptive I used were pills given to me by my mom after I gave birth to Vesha & retreat. Yawa Nyathinani nyuop manade? Be uneno Akoth Awendo kanyo?koso Koro, Koro en gi Ich? She also felt the family I was going to settle for was not what she wanted. But AKOTHEE NI NANI TENA? She took me back to school in Asego kanyada, Akoth na mba Tena After Term one 🤣” she wrote.
Akothee also remembered some famous words from her mother, who said she had left Akothee to the world to teach her a lesson.
Akothee wrote: “My Mom’s words ” Thoo nyakwar ogendi ,aweyi piny nopuonji aluoko lueta nyar Ogendi, bende chieng nigomba ,ka Koro Okeloo thingi, Akoth som nyathina, dhako ber manigi pesane.”
This loosely translates to:  (My mom’s words “granddaughter of Ogendi, I have left it to the world to teach you. I have washed my hands daughter of Ogendi. Will you miss me, when you’ve had enough of Okello? Akoth study my daughter. A woman is good when she has her own money.)

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