Why Abel Mutua is Content With Having One Child

July 8, 2022

Last week, Judy Nyawira, the wife of Abel Mutua addressed fans who have been asking them to have another child. And this week, the former Tahidi High actor has also spoken out.

In an online interview, Abel Mutua echoed Nyawira’s sentiments that they are content with their 12-year-old daughter, Stephanie Mumbua.

Abel rubbished the notion that a couple must have more than one child as outdated.

“If I decide I only want to get one child, it is a personal choice. I don’t see how it affects you….if it would be affecting you we would try and get another…but why are you sleepless? I know why I have decided one is enough, I have my reasons, if you want to get 15 children, go ahead,” he said.

Mutua mentioned  that one of the reasons he is content with having one child is because he can fully provide for her alone.

“For me, I feel the kind of life I want to give my child, it can only be possible if I have one.”

Abel also revealed he underwent trauma after becoming a dad at a young age. This, he said, also informed his decision to have one child.

“That fear is still inside me. Even when I hear someone is pregnant, I feel scared. Just because of the trauma I had 12 years ago,” he said.

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