Motif Di Don Reveals Why DJ Khaled Featured Him on Album Promo Video

July 8, 2022

Kenyan music producer Motif Di Don is one of several personalities from all over the world to be featured in a promo video for DJ Khaled’s upcoming album.

DJ Khaled this week announced the official title of his 13th full-length studio album, God Did.

A promo video for God Did features Motif Di Don as part of the team representing Africa alongside DJ Joozey from Tanzania.

“DJ Khaled did! Out here repping Africa to the world,” Motif captioned the clip.

The audio engineer also spoke about he connected with D Khaled’s team.

“There are people we are working with so once my album is out we will be under the same record label. So in short it is through our links and of course he knows and recognizes my work and it made it easier for me to be given the work of representing Africa.

Motif added: “We’ve been talking but I am not the type of person to post screenshots of our chats. I have talked to many celebrities and you’d be shocked if I ever posted, I find it childish.”

Motif noted he isn’t featured in the album but he hopes to be featured in future projects as a producer.

“I am not officially under the label and also they loved my work soon after we got to know each other. There are so many people who’d represent Kenya but my work stood out for them and that’s how they settled on me,” he told Mpaasho.

The producer also spoke about how he has been receiving ‘fake love’ after D Khaled shared the video.

“I have been receiving endless phone calls and I am forced to pick them. When we pushed the Madaraka Day song no one cared but now they are busy commenting on the video. It brought some sort of respect which we deserve anyway,” he said.

Watch the promo video below.


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