Abel Mutua’s Wife Judy Responds to “stupid questions” about Second Child

June 28, 2022

Judy Nyawira, the wife of filmmaker Abel Mutua, is fed up with people asking her to have another child.

The couple has been blessed with a 12-year-old daughter, Stephanie Mumbua.

In a recent interview, Judy said they have closed that chapter and are okay with one child.

“We closed that chapter, we are OK with just one child,” she told SPM Buzz.

Judy told off those asking her to get another child, saying they are stupid questions.

“Please those stupid questions that you people keep asking in the DM, eti ongeza mwingine, please those are stupid questions.”

Judy got pregnant at the age of 22 while still in college.

“I was with Abel so I went and showed him the test results. That day I cried the whole day and 12 years later, we are here.”

She said she appreciates being a young mum but does not advise anyone to follow her steps.

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