Anerlisa Opens Up on Choosing Between Business and Personal Life

July 27, 2022

Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai has opened up about making a tough life decision between her business and her personal life.

The founder and CEO of Nero Limited, which she founded in 2013, said sometime back she had to let go of the business. Anerlisa mentioned that in the eye of the public, she seemed to be doing well but had let go of the company.

“As I said the other day, it takes one day to wake up and decide what you want. Out of experience, there is a part in my life where I had to sacrifice giving up on my business because I had to choose between work and my personal life,” she said.

Anerlisa said in July last year, she decided to take full control of NERO and hired a new team.

“To the public, I looked like I was on the move but deep down I had let go of my business. Today I am proud to say that last year, sometime in July, I made a decision to fully be in control of my business. I got a new team, a new office, and decided to be 100% present in my business,” she added.

Anerlisa encouraged fellow entrepreneurs to keep going despite the challenges.

“You too can decide that you want to fully be in control of anything you want. I have gotten to learn so many things about my business that I did not know and that makes me feel motivated to wake up every day to face all the challenges and live the real reality.

“I felt I needed to say that in case somebody was struggling to live their truth or is torn between making the right decision. God bless you all. Long live our businesses,” she concluded.

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