Why Huddah Monroe Doesn’t Own Panties

June 15, 2022

Socialite Huddah Monroe says she doesn’t wear nor own any panties. In fact, the cosmetics entrepreneur doesn’t wear underwear even when she is on her period.

Huddah made the revelation in a post on social media, claiming panties are for women with smelly private parts.

She also mentioned that panties give her infections.

“I don’t wear panties. I own none. My friends, my boyfriend everyone wonders why. But it’s this private part. It’s too fresh to stay wrapped up. Panties are for people with smelly vaginas. I think you need it to trap that odour,” Huddah wrote.

She added: “Panties give me infections too. I’m too fresh to stress to my yoni.”

One of her fans then asked her how she goes commando on her period.

“I use menstrual cups which I will introduce soon. It doesn’t have any leakages,” Huddah explained.


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