Terryanne Chebet on Giving Birth in Late 30s, Baby Daddies, and Alleged Heavy Drinking

June 28, 2022

Media personality Terryanne Chebet recently decided to be an open book as she let her curious fans ask her private questions.

In a Q&A session on Instagram, the former Citizen TV Business News presenter was asked what it’s like to give birth in late 30s.

Terryanne welcomed her secondborn daughter Talaa in 2017 when she was  37 years old.

One of her followers wondered: “What’s like giving birth in your 30’s and after 35 to be precise?”

Without revealing much detail, Terryanne answered that she had a difficult pregnancy.

“It was a very difficult pregnancy… I had a CS for both girls.”

Another fan wanted to know if both her daughters have the same dad. Terryanne said they have different dads, adding that they all love each other.

“I never think about it until someone asks about it. We love each other deeply and I enjoy parenting so much I don’t realize it much.”

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Another Instagram user alleged that Terryanne Chebet is a heavy drinker and asked if she was concerned about her drinking.

“Do you get concerned that the amount of alcohol you consume is dangerous to your health?” the user asked.

Terryanne responded: “No, I don’t! Alcohol is to be enjoyed not to be abused. I advocate for responsible drinking. Drink better, not more, you know?”

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