Watch: Uhuru Offers Tip To Bodaboda Riders on Wooing Women, “Omba Pole Pole”

April 5, 2022

President Uhuru Kenyatta has called upon bodaboda riders in the country to treat their female customers with dignity and respect.

In an apparent reference to the March 4 incident where a female motorist was sexually assaulted by suspected bodaboda operators, Uhuru said there is no need to use abusive force if a rider is infatuated by a woman.

“Angalieni wazazi wetu hapa, watoto wetu, wasichana warembo. Jamani kama una haja na huyo mtoto jamani omba pole pole. Omba pole pole, hakuna haja ya kuchukua kwa nguvu. Ama ni namna gani wenzangu? Omba pole…na ukiomba…”said Uhuru as the crowd responded; “Utapewa…”

The President added: “Kwa hivyo mkirudi kwa mabarabara, tafadhali mheshimu wateja wenu ambao mnabeba. Mheshimu wale ambao wanatembea kwa mabarabara, mheshimu wazazi wenu na akina dada wenu jameni.”

Uhuru, who spoke in Pipeline, Nairobi on Sunday, noted there was no bad blood between his administration and the bodaboda riders.

“Bodaboda youth, let no one mislead you that I have bad blood with you. I want us to finalise the licensing exercise before you can get back to the roads, then join Saccos in which you can practice self-discipline,” he said.

Uhuru said his administration is keen on working with the bodaboda sector to improve their welfare.

Here’s a video.

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