Size 8 Gets Candid on Almost Giving Up over 7-year Health Battle

April 1, 2022

Celebrity musician Size 8 Reborn opened up about her battle with an underlying health condition, admitting that she almost gave up.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Size 8 said she has been battling hypertension for seven years.

“Since 2015 January I have had health issues and I never shared that side of my life. I remember I once collapsed in town and I was told my pressure was too high,” she said.

In a conversation with her husband DJ Mo, Size 8 disclosed how she slipped into depression and was on the verge of giving up.

“I have been on medication for a long time and I have been in and out of the hospital. This time it was serious as I was slipping into depression and I was almost giving up. I was tired of fighting and that is partly why I stopped putting up posts on social media,” she said.

Size 8 said God and DJ Mo played a key role in her battle with hypertension and depression.

“Were it not for God I would have given up completely…I was not okay physically and my heart was also giving up the fight. DJ Mo really encouraged me and he was tough on me…I really thank him for that,” she professed.

This comes some weeks after Size 8 was admitted to hospital and later discharged.

The singer publicized her admission on social media in an apparent influencing gig for a city hospital. This sparked some criticism from a section of Kenyans who felt she was faking her illness to publicise the hospital.

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