How To Apply for a PSV License in Kenya

April 29, 2022

how to apply for a psv license

A public Service Vehicle (PSV) license is a document of authorization issued by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to drivers who serve the public sector by offering transport services at a profit.

NTSA was established in 2012 by an Act of Parliament with the main objective of restoring sanity in the Kenyan transport industry. The functions of NTSA include; registering and licensing motor vehicles, implementing road safety strategies, creating policies to regulate the transport sector, and inspecting vehicles to ensure they are roadworthy.

How to apply for a PSV license

PSV license is given to drivers and matatu conductors who meet the criteria put in place by NTSA in order to attain its objectives and promote the security of Public Service Vehicle users. To get a PSV license, one can make a physical application or an online application in the NTSA’s online self-service portal.

Physical application of PSV license for drivers in Kenya

1. Drivers making PSV license applications must be 24 years and above, have a four-year driving experience, be in possession of a national ID, and have a certificate of good conduct
2. Collect Form XVI from any internet cafes, fill and submit it to Traffic Police Department in Upper Hill, Nairobi. You will be charged Ksh50 for certification
3. The certified documents will now be taken to Road Transport Department located in Times Tower, Nairobi, along with a copy of your ID, driving license, certificate of good conduct, and the receipt indicating the payment of the authentication fee
4. Pay Ksh625 to the Road Transport Department for the processing of your PSV license

You are done! The officials at the Road Transport Department will inform you when your PSV license is ready for collection.

Physical application of PSV license for matatu conductors in Kenya

1. Matatu conductors applying for a PSV license must be 18 years and above, have a clean criminal record, and possess a national ID
2. Must collect and fill Form XVII, then take it to Traffic Police Department in Nairobi, where it will be authenticated at Ksh50
3. The receipt confirming payment, the certified documents, a copy of the national ID, and the Police Clearance Certificate is then taken to Road Transport Department in Times Towers, Nairobi
4. A payment of Ksh625 is handed over to the Road Transport Department to facilitate the processing of a PSV license

Application is successful! You will be contacted when your PSV license is ready.

Online application of PSV license in Kenya

how to apply for psv license online

1. Visit
2. Fill in your first name and ID number to continue with the registration
3. You will be directed to a new window where you will be required to submit your phone number, email and upload your passport-sized photo
4. Account creation successful. You can now log in to access the NTSA dashboard
5. Click on ‘Licensing’ and choose; PSV Driver application, PSV Conductor Application, Institution Driver Application form, or Taxi Driver Application form
6. From your selected form, fill it with your details, including driver’s license number, postal address, Sacco information, upload certificate of good conduct, and state your PSV license collection point.
7. Go to the payments section and pay Ksh625 either by mobile wallet or bank
8. Submit the application and wait for review

If your application is approved, you can download and print your accredited form, take it to your PSV license collection point and pick your PSV license.

How much does it cost to get a PSV license?

A fee of Ksh625 is paid by the applicant for the processing and issuance of the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) license.

How long does it take to get a PSV license?

It takes approximately a week to process your PSV license, and it will be submitted to you only within the five working days because NTSA is a government agency and does not formally operate on weekends.

Who requires a PSV license in Kenya?

* Matatu drivers
* Matatu conductors
* Taxi drivers
* Institutional drivers

How much does TLB license cost?

The NTSA’s Transport Licensing Board (TLB) function is to issue operational licenses to all Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) in Kenya.

For first-time PSV investors, a payment of Ksh1,250 is handed over to get a TLB License which expires after a year. The TLB License is then renewed based on the carrying capacity of a PSV, and 14-seater matatu owners have to part with Ksh2,000 for a renewed license, while those with mini-buses and buses pay Ksh3,000 for a prolonged TLB License.

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