How To Get Your HELB Clearance Certificate

April 29, 2022

How to get your HELB clearance certificate on eCitizen

Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) is a government institution that offers affordable loans to students in various institutions of higher learning, such as universities and colleges. The loan facilitates part of tuition fees and upkeep until you finish your study period, depending on what you are pursuing. It’s a good initiative owing to many testimonials of students from necessitous backgrounds.

After completing your studies, you are now a holder of an academic certificate looking for a job to sustain yourself. When you visit various offices, you will find that some employees ask for a HELB clearance certificate as one of the documents to be submitted with the job application forms.

Why do employers ask for a HELB clearance certificate? In order to establish the financial background of a prospective employee. It’s also a measure of integrity on how a person can handle financial matters. Holding a non-performing account creates a poor impression. How to obtain a HELB clearance certificate is discussed below.

How to get your HELB clearance certificate

Getting HELB clearance certificate is done online through the HELB portal or the E-Citizen website – where all government services databases are integrated into one system and can be accessed only with a single account.

There are two types of HELB clearance certificates:

* Loanee HELB compliance certificate for HELB beneficiaries
* Non-loanee HELB clearance certificate for those who never received HELB loans

To apply for a HELB certificate of clearance, you must register on the HELB portal by:

1. Visiting
2. Select ‘Apply for Compliance Certificate’
3. Choose ‘Applicant Registration” and fill in your details like national ID number, email address, and KRA PIN
4. Confirm the details and check your email for account activation
5. Activate your account and proceed to apply for a HELB certificate of compliance

How can I apply for a HELB clearance certificate online?

1. Log in to your HELB portal
2. On the top bar, click ‘Clearance Certificate’
3. Enter an active phone number to receive an OTP
4. Press send to get the OTP and input it on the dialogue box
5. You will get a link to download your clearance certificate

How to get your HELB clearance certificate on eCitizen

1. Visit and input your email and password to access the E-Citizen dashboard
2. Click ‘Get Service’ on the HELB category
3. Open ‘Our Services’ menu and select ‘HELB Clearance’
4. A new window will open in which you will download or print your HELB clearance certificate for free

How to get your HELB clearance certificate

How long is the HELB clearance certificate valid? It is in effect for exactly one year from the date of obtainment.

Can you get your HELB clearance certificate at Huduma Centre?

Yes. Huduma Centres offer all HELB services. The officials at the Huduma Kenya offices can help when applying for HELB loans, HELB certificate of clearance or compliance certificates.

Do you pay for a HELB clearance certificate?

HELB clearance certificate is absolutely FREE for non-beneficiaries and those loanees who have been making timely repayments on their loans.

Can I get a HELB clearance certificate if I have not been paying my HELB loan? Yes, if you need the HELB clearance certificate urgently and you’ve not been making payments, you will pay Ksh4,500 or Ksh1,500 in three-month installment to get a compliance certificate.

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