Zari Calls Out Diamond Over Breakup: You Were Never There For Me

March 23, 2022

Zari Hassan publicly revisited her relationship with Diamond Platnumz in the second episode of their Netflix reality show, ‘Young, Famous and African’.

The mother of five did one better by telling Diamond to his face why she decided to call their relationship quits.

Apparently, Zari tolerated the singer’s misdeeds for the “sake of peace” but the last straw that broke the camel’s back was Diamond’s inability to defend her publicly.

“Even the times when I knew you messed up, I would just keep silent for the sake of peace, for us to be happy, let it go, let it slide, move on, keep going, keep your family…” said Zari.

The South Africa-based Ugandan businesswoman told Diamond she took countless bullets for him but he never reciprocated.

“You gave me away…Baba T(Diamond) you know I was here for you…Like I would deny for you, I would take a bullet for you, but every time I did that for you, you did the opposite. The 20 times I did that for you, you only came through two times when I did 20 times. Me and your kids were being attacked, I had nowhere to hide baba T,” she said.

Zari added: “I believe you were my partner, you being my partner you’re supposed to be the head of the family. Your job is to protect me, guide, lead, advise and you didn’t do that for me. I was left alone standing…thinking where am I supposed to go? You were supposed to be there for me. You were never there for me.”

Zari acknowledged they had a good thing going.

“I moved on, I’m happy where I am and I’m sure he’s happy where he is but personally it’s something that keeps coming back, I had something good going and it got so messed up,” said Zari.

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