Obinna: My Landlady Started Texting Me After I Got Kiss FM Job

March 11, 2022

Comedian Oga Obinna appears to be reveling in his new job as Kiss FM’s newest radio presenter.

The comedian has hit the ground running at the Radio Africa station, and true to his promise, he hasn’t been trying to fill the shoes of his predecessor Jalang’o.

In his true element, Obinna told his cohost Kamene Goro that his landlady has suddenly become overly friendly since he got his new job.

“When I got the job my landlady decided to WhatsApp me. We are not buddies, but all of a sudden she texts me saying she can sell me insurance. She even attached some emojis to the text and suggested we do coffee.

“She wants to explain the details of the insurance she is offering me. I feel ni kama ananikatia,” he said.

According to Obinna, the landlady had never texted him in years.

“I have lived there for two years and she has never texted me.

“Why is she responding to all my WhatsApp photos? I do not know where she lives but she is always hovering around. The many times she has cut off my water supply siezi mpea maji hata mimi,” he joked.

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