I Won’t Try to be Jalang’o, Oga Obinna on Kiss FM Job

March 8, 2022

Comedian, musician, emcee and digital creator Oga Obinna was Sunday appointed to replace Jalang’o as Kamene Goro’s co-host on Kiss 100 FM.

Obinna made his debut on the breakfast show on Monday, March 7.

Speaking about his appointment, Obinna mentioned he will not try to fit in Jalang’o’s shoes and will be his own person.

“I am bringing Obinna, i am not bringing Jalango’ I am not trying to be Jalang’o, not trying to fit in Jalang’o’s shoes. Before you judge, listen to the show,” he said.

“I have done radio for a very long time, I love it and I enjoy it, so I don’t feel the pressure. What gives you the pressure on radio is if your co-host is giving you a hard time. But if they are easy…it is the best job you will ever do,” Obinna added.

The former Nation FM presenter also indicated he will be earning six times higher than what he used to earn at his former employer.

“I will never go back to my former employer even if they offer me a better contract than what Kiss FM is offering me. I am not going back to my ex, never. You know some people are being paid a lot of money but the environment they are working in is not conducive. I would choose a happy environment ahead of a huge offer,” Obinna said.

The funnyman also mentioned he is the only radio presenter who has done the whole nine yards.

“I’m the only radio presenter to have done the whole 9 yards, started with the late-night show, then evening, then midmorning, then drive and now breakfast. I’m contented.

“To all my former colleagues and bosses asanteni for you are the reason why this is possible. You all played a pivotal role in teaching me, sharpening me, and guiding me well as you prepared me for this position and I won’t let all of you down. I got this,” he added.

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