840,000 Astrazeneca Vaccines Expire, 1 Million J&J Doses At Risk

March 24, 2022

The Ministry of Health(MoH) says at least 840, 000 doses of Astrazeneca vaccines have expired.

In a statement on Wednesday, MoH said the doses had an expiry date of February 28.

The highest number of expired Astrazeneca vaccines were reported in Nakuru at 35,000, Busia at 27,980, Kajiado (25, 770), Kakamega with 12,000 and Kwale (11,730).

Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi said another 1 million doses of Johnson and Johnson are likely to expire if they are unused by April 15.

“We call on county governments to do all they can to ensure that all vaccines in their facilities are administered. MoH is working with county government and partners to do everything possible to ensure that the vaccine doses are utilized before expiry,” Mwangangi said, noting that vaccines have a short shelf life.

“This is a challenge as reported by developing and developed countries. We have seen cases of expired drugs being destroyed in Africa. This includes our neighbours and other countries within the horn of Africa,” Mwangangi said.

She said the Ministry of Health has taken measures in partnership with county governments and partners to ensure the vaccines are utilized before expiry.

Some of these measures include campaigns, outreaches and timely redistribution of doses from counties with low consumption.

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