Why You Will Never See Huddah Monroe’s Children

February 8, 2022

Popular internet personality Huddah Monroe has taken another dig at parents who create social media accounts for their young children.

According to Huddah, such children are denied their right to privacy. She says kids should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to be on social media.

As such, Huddah declared no one will ever see her kids unless it is by mistake.

“My own opinion: My kids, no one will ever see them. That’s on God unless by mistake…They gotta grow up and decided if they want to be in this rat trap or nah! Coz SM(social media) is f’d up. We right now are soo deep in its a** we can’t leave,”  she wrote.

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Huddah called for kids to be protected from social media. The cosmetics entrepreneur claimed social media babies lose relevance once they grow up.

“But we can protect the children from being in this fake shit… you can show them but creating pages, etc. You’ve milked their image dry, they won’t be relevant when they grown-ups.”

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