Eric Omondi Issues Ultimatum to MP Aspirants Jalang’o, Jaguar

February 8, 2022

Eric Omondi may not be vying for any political seat in this year’s General Election but he will be supporting fellow entertainers with political ambitions.

Two MP aspirants Omondi will be supporting are Kiss 100 FM presenter Jalang’o and musician turned Starehe MP Jaguar.

However, Omondi says his support comes with the condition that Jalas and Jaguar should deliver to Kenyans once they are elected.

Failure to which, Eric Omondi will take him upon himself to have them impeached.

“I am going to support my friends Jaguar, Jalang’o. I have given them an ultimatum, I will support them and when they start joking, I will ensure they leave Parliament before five years,” he threatened.

“I will sign the petition to have them removed,” he added.

The comedian also revealed he will never join politics because he was made to be an entertainer.

“Never ever in my life will I join politics. If I go to Parliament, who will entertain you outside here?” he posed.

“God made musicians, comedians, politicians, doctors… He knows why he did that. Eric Omondi is an entertainer. It is like asking Raila to get into comedy.”

Omondi also commented on the recent raid at the home of his boss and presidential aspirant Jimi Wanjigi.

“It was sabotage, it was a witchhunt. I was in court and there was no case. They just woke up, took Land Rover, guns, and went to raid. Even Wanjigi was surprised with what was happening,” he said.

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