Rose Muhando Denies Sleeping with Blogger Abraham Mutai

February 17, 2022

Gospel singer Rose Muhando has rubbished claims that she slept with blogger Abraham Mutai.

The allegations emerged in January this year when a Twitter user claimed Mutai got intimate with Muhando back in 2018.

“You slept with Muhando in 2018 at Club Image Thika room 4. You remember that short guy at the reception, ni mimi,” tweeted the user identified by the handle @Bookten8.

At the time, Abraham Mutai categorically denied the allegations.

“I CATEGORICALLY state that I neither slept with Rose Muhando in Room 4 in Thika, or any other town. In fact, since I was born, I eschew number 4. I would have requested a room change. My lawyers are soon visiting that short receptionist,” he tweeted.

And now, Rose Muhando has spoken saying she doesn’t even know who Mutai is.

In a phone interview with Milele FM’s presenter Ankali, the Nibebe singer rubbished the claims as nonsensical.

“I don’t always respond to stupid claims because that is a very nonsensical allegation. I don’t even know Abraham Mutai and I have never been intimate with him,” she said in part.

Muhando added: “Maybe the person behind the claims is admiring me. If somebody saw me at a guesthouse there is no problem because when I come to Kenya, I have to spend my night in a lodge since I don’t have a home in Kenya.”

The Tanzanian singer stated she serves a living God who will always protect her against such rumormongers.

“They can go ahead and speak all they want. I don’t care because I serve a living God and my Lord can bear me a witness,” she said.

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