Rev Natasha, Prophet Stanley Share Romantic Details About their Love Affair

February 17, 2022

Celebrity city preacher Reverend Lucy Natasha and her Indian fiancée Stanley Carmel celebrated Valentine’s Day in an exquisite red and black-themed dinner.

The couple also took part in Q&A  ‘Love trivia’ where they shared details about their love affair with their congregation at the Oracle church.

The first question was about their first encounter, which was when Prophet Carmel slid into Natasha’s Instagram DM.

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Rev Natasha confirmed this and added: “Then, I physically met him in Dallas, Texas.”

Asked what he loves most about Rev Natasha, Prophet Carmel said: “I love that she is compassionate, everything about Natasha. She loves life and she is courageous and many women around the world look up to her.”

Natasha on her part said she loves that the Indian preacher has family values.

“I love how sweet and romantic you are. The way you spoil me and bring out the girl in me,” she said.

And when should their followers expect their first child?

Very soon and I like the number of grace, five children,” Prophet Carmel said.

The lovebirds also spoke about their honeymoon, with Natasha saying it was “sweet, romantic and it was fire”.

Carmel said he liked the fireworks and the moonlight dinners.

On how they spice up their love life, Natasha said they create time for themselves.

“Most of the time, we have a hectic day, so we go out on dates and just do normal life.”

Carmel also described Rev Natasha as a perfectionist who likes it when things are done there and then.

“She also loves perfumes and has hundreds of collections of them and she loves life,” Carmel said.

Natasha added: “He loves big machines and watches.” On Valentine’s, Natasha gifted Carmel with a Rolex watch.

When the two are not calling each other Papa and Mama Oracle in church, Carmel said he refers to Natasha as ‘Katoto Hodari and Babe.”

Natasha said she refers to him as her bad boy and her person.

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