Kamene Goro Admirers Double After Revealing Relationship Status

February 3, 2022

Until a couple of weeks ago, Kamene Goro’s relationship status was a well-kept secret.

This changed after she was romantically linked to her Kiss 100 FM copresenter Jalang’o, who denied the allegations and revealed that Kamene is dating someone.

Speaking on her show recently, the former TV news anchor said her suitors have doubled since she went public about her relationship status.

Apparently, her admirers have doubled, with some of them being former lovers.

“Ever since I came to your show (Jalang’o TV) and said I am in a relationship wueh! Dudes have been hitting on me. Even like exes from kitambo are like ‘hey are you siku mob,’ who are you siku mobing? Aki wanaume wana Halla..” Kamene said.

The radio presenter wondered why men would be confident enough to hit on a lady who’s already taken and Jalang’o provided an explanation.

He said: “There are guys who don’t want you just for themselves because they don’t want responsibilities and for dudes who have responsibilities, women think they can further their lives.”

Jalang’o also spoke from experience saying women hit on him because they believe that a man who’s settled is more responsible.

“Guys who are married get hit on more by women than single guys.”

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