Akothee Learns the Hard Way Never to Drive Barefoot

February 16, 2022

Celebrity musician Akothee is nursing injuries after she was involved in a car accident.

The singer took to InstaStories Monday night to share her ordeal. She said she was in shock after she escaped death by a whisker.

Escaped death narrowly! Still recovering from the shock. I have no idea what happened,” Akothee said.

Details of the accident remain scanty but Akothee indicated it happened as a result of driving barefoot.

Akothee said she hit her face on the steering wheel, sustaining minor injuries.

“Nursing my injuries, God still loves me. This leg went into the brakes, hit my face on the steering wheel, and my knees. Now I know why you should never drive bare feet,” she wrote.

After nursing her injuries, Akothee was back to working out. She shared a picture lifting two 20-litre bottles and posted a motivational caption.

Collect and contain your energy, energies are contagious! There are people who were born naturally negative, they will look for problems inside a solution. Not everyone is as intelligent as you, not everyone has the same ambition/ dreams and goals like you. Never complain & never Explain 💪Good morning,” she wrote.

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